A downloadable game for Windows

This is an early prototype of a game in-making. It was as a learning process for the Unreal Engine. Feedback is highly appreciated. Give us feedback on controls, difficulty or anything that comes to mind.


  • Move: Left Thumb Stick/WSAD
  • Camera: Right Thumb Stick/Mouse
  • Lock-on: Right Thumb stick button/Tab
  • Light Attack: RB/R1/Left Mouse/X(Xbox)/Square(PS4)
  • Heavy Attack: RT/R2/Right Mouse/Y(Xbox)/Triangle(PS4)
  • Roll: B(Xbox)/Circle(PS4)/Space
  • Sprint: LT/L2/Shift
  • Restart: Start/R

Developed by:  Arwa Alrozooq, Abdullah Konash


Machina.zip 650 MB


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Gave it a couple runs, all pretty unsuccessful. I found the stagger to be pretty limiting, the boss can take dozens of hits like nothing, but getting poked causes us to stumble, limiting both the dodge and attack. The camera lock on angle is a little low at long distances, I'd suggest raising it a bit depending on the distance from target. Some form of animation canceling could go a long way into the feel from attack to dodge. And some of the bosses attacks come out way too fast for the stagger they inflict and how much tracking they have. The magic attacks later on are pretty well telegraphed, and the fire has a reasonable amount of tracking. I think it might be a good idea to test the player's abilities against something with long slow attacks to get the feel down. That all being said, the environment looks great, the vfx are pretty good and the animations are really nice!

That is some really useful feedback CoalFire! (good to see you again!)

I appreciate taking the time to write this comment. Lots of the points are very valid, they will definitely be taken into consideration. 

Thanks again!