A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Escape the office by navigate two worlds through drinking.

WSAD: Movement
Space: Jump
Left Mouse Click: Interaction

1st prize winner at the GCC Game Jam.
Also won the technical award.
48 hour game jam.

Team Members:

Abdullah Konash
Ammar Al-Sharikh
Mohammad Al-Arkobi
Tariq Mukhtar

Game Jam Theme: Fantasy

Install instructions

Available for both Windows and Mac.


Morph Game.app.zip 24 MB
Morph Game.zip 19 MB


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squishy fun!

Thanks for playing!!!

It was good!
Too short for how good it was, but you've heard that a number of times already.
Well-deserved 1st place. Pat yourselves on the back. Keep making games! (Following ya now!)

Cheers. 🍻 (hope ya like the Lumps Play)

Love the vid! Thanks for playing! 

Weird and, trippy puzzle game

Would love to see more levels added


Awesome! Thank you for playing!

Hiya, this was a really cool game, I  liked the concept of bending space/reality to solve puzzles and get through areas, it's certainly a unique idea and I'd love to see it expanded upon further. Also, it's quite impressive that the game was made in only 48 hours, talk about pressure, great job.

Congrats on the well deserved win and technical award!

I hope you don't mind but I recorded a short let's play of your game for my channel.

Cheers and good luck with all your future projects!

Hey! Thank you for playing the game! Hopefully you'll see more soon!

Really fantastic game you have here! I only wish there was more! Sincerely hope you decide to run with this idea. Pretty easy to see why this won the jam!


Thank you for your kind words. Glad you enjoyed it! 

Pretty cool game. Very short but for the time you had to make it it's very impressive. Well done guys on 1st prize and hope to see more... :)

Thank you for playing the game!